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News and features.


Landscape, terrain models for Erbil /Mosul Iraq - for the oil industry.


Our customer in the oil industry commissioned two models for display in their offices in London and Erbil. The 1:25000 scale models show the topography of the area (with an exagerated vertical scale) and include roads, rivers, villages and drilling installations. One model was finished with a durable resin surface so that it can be used more interactively; the other was provided with a display stand and Perspex case.

New town /housing site model, sales model for Aberdeen, Chapelton development.


We were delighted to be involved in early stages of the Chapelton development near Aberdeen. Our client commissioned the 1.5m model over the winter, with delivery of the finished model in February this year. This allowed Lord and Lady Southesk and architects Brooks Murray plenty of opportunity to study the emerging layout before a public launch in May.

The model showed phase 1 of the scheme in its entirety, with town centre retail, business district and public open spaces in addition to the diverse housing. The architectural style is commensurate with existing villages in the area and sympathetic to the terrain.

Pattern-making, American Austin Bantam delivery van, white metal production.


Pattern-making for white metal casting is one of our core skills. Casting is entrusted to a specialist foundry in the Midlands and we have built up a rapport with them over the past ten years, enabling us to produce small numbers of exquisitely detailed collectors' models.

Customers' own projects benefit from our experience too.

Architectural detail, study model, product model, restoration of oak.


Originally installed in Goodfellow and Stevens Tearoom in Dundee, the architectural form of these lovely handmade oak wall-lights was almost lost when redecoration works rendered them surplus to requirements.

Of the original 8, 6 were useable but the remaining 2 were rebuilt by us for the grandson of the original craftsman. We used oak grown on the Black Isle, restoring some components and replacing others, The colour and patina were replicated as far as possible. 

Casting pattern for bronze foundry. Structural model interior.


 Another casting pattern takes shape in the workshop. The internal structure needs to be robust to take the pressure of the mould-makers sand. The structure will be clad to form a perfect half cylinder; once at the foundry this will be cast twice and the two halves welded together to form a cylindrical display plinth.

 Dairy milk packaging plant / factory scale model with cutaway roofs and interior detail.



Delivered to our customer in the dairy industry in December, this large cutaway model will form the centrepiece of a visitor centre in their packaging plant.

The 1.5m model will enable visitors to orientate themselves and get an overview of the production cycle before embarking on a factory tour. Supplied with a display cabinet and Perspex case.

Housing model; marketing suite interior model for housebuilding sales office in Scotland


 One of our regular clients in the housebuilding industry commissioned us to make an interior model of a develoment of apartments.

The stackable floor plates allow sales staff to demonstrate the layout and access arrangements for the building which sits on an otherwise confusing sloping site. Pastel internal colours for each unit make for easy identification.

Completed to a tight schedule!


Scale model for exhibition display at Offshore Europe Aberdeen.


 In September we delivered a 1m diameter bundle model for display on our customer's stand at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen. The model manufactured in aluminium and Perspex featured internal lighing to the insulated centre area and also fibre optic cables.

The model is now on display at the company's head office and will be used for future marketing initiatives.


Oil industry scale model, Offshore Europe exhibit ready for shipping.


Taking centre stage on our customer's stand at this year's Offshore Europe exhibition is this bundle model. Seen here ready for shipping to the exhibition, the model featured internal lighting and illuminated optical fibres.

Offshore Europe is a great opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and skills, and this full size model presented our client's work in a flawless and graphic way.

Housing display model / stunning model for marketing suite display in Scotland


Recently delivered to one of our regular customers, a 1:400 scale site model of a new housing develoment. the model was supplied with Perspex display case and stand.

Chris Poole model maker rejoins Inver Models after a 2 year break.


We enjoyed having Chris Poole back in the workshop during 2013 after a short break. Chris has eased the burden of work as we enter the busiest time of the modelmaking year.

Projects currently booked into our calendar include a topographical model, a commercial building with interior detail and an oil industry exhibit for display at the OE exhibition in Aberdeen this autumn.


Business park industrial development scale model at 1:750 scale


Recently completed for our Highlands and Islands Enterprise this 1:750 scale model shows the Enterprise Park, Forres. Fully contoured and with detailed elevations to the buildings this model will be used to promote the site to local businesses.

Sized to fit in the back of an estate car and supplied with detachable legs and Perspex case.

HRH Princess Anne visited Balmakeith Ind Estate, Nairn in December and was introduced to Peter Naulls.


In December HRH Princess Anne visited several organisations in the Nairn area including our clients at Black Isle Bronze. Her Royal Highness was taken on a tour of the facilities where, amongst other things, she saw several casting patterns manufactured by ourselves. After her tour she chatted with Peter Naulls from Inver Models about the value of collaboration between such companies.

Her Royal Highness took a great interest in all that she saw and stayed longer than intended. It was a great privilege to have her visit the area and an endorsement of the high quality work that we do. 

3D printing by modelmaker. High resolution powder printing.


3D printing has developed enormously in quality and flexibility in recent months. We are now supplying high resolution components and models produced using the powder printing process.

We can work with SDL or 3DS files from Autocad, Rhinocerous and similar packages, or we can arrange cad drawings based on any non-compliant artwork. Printing resolution is 360 dpi and full colour. We can also fully-finish components using conventional spraying techniques.

The world of digital modelmaking is progressing fast and we anticipate offering full 3D scanning in the near future.


Fort George model installation for Historic Scotland. Professional team including bronze casting experts installing at a historic monument



Much anticipated by the general public as well as our clients at Historic Scotland, our cast bronze model of Fort George (draped in a Union flag) was unveiled in July by Lt Col Fenton of 3 Scots. The 2.5 metre-long model shows the entire fort enabling visitors to orientate themselves as they arrive at the site.

Installation of the half-ton model required careful planning and consent in line with the historic monument status of Fort George. A plinth was built by resident stonemasons and our colleagues at Black Isle Bronze engineered delivery and fixing of the casting.

It has been a privilege to be asked to provide such a prominent model at one of Scotland's most important visitor attractions. It is anticipated that the bronze will be a durable and very long term exhibit.

Image shows press coverage in the Press & Journal.



Pipeline component parts for assembly of pipeline bundle models


 The first batch of machined components are layed out in our workshops prior to assembly of 4 pipeline bundle models. Our customer in the offshore oil industry has comissioned 11 models in total. The quarter-scale models have cutaway sections to show all internal components and are used to demonstrate the various spacers, rollers, bearings and tubes that make up a bundle. The bright colours make for a suprisingly attractive model.

Farnsworth house by architects Mies, scale model for a private customer


 A scale model of Mies Farnsworth House for a private customer. It is very unusual for us to work with individuals rather than commercial organisations but it was exciting to model such an iconic property. Our customer is an enthusiast for Mies work and wanted this as a unique display model in her home.

Bronze casting, architectural model pattern making, museum exhibit outdoor tactile model or the blind


 An exciting project in our workshops at the beginning of 2012. We are working on a large outdoor tactile model and casting it in bronze. The first of the raw castings is shown - they have yet to be cleaned, polished and patinated. Watch this space for more news of the model and it's high profile location!

Scale model for housing sales office /marketing suite


The completed model, fitted with Perspex display case and ready for delivery to the customer's marketing suite.

500 scale housing block model for marketing suite / sales office under construction in nairn workshops


Under construction in our studio in  October 2011 - a 1:500 scale housing sales model. The houses are shown as simple blocks set on the landscaping. plot boundaries are shown and plot numbers will also be added. Tree planting is today's job!

 1:500 scale housing model, modular construction for marketing suite display in central belt Scotland


Almost 5 years ago we constructed a large model for a consortium of housebuilders in central Scotland. The model is of modular construction allowing  each phase to be updated remotely, with minimal disruption to the sales office display. We have just completed detailing of 2 new phases and anticipate a third later this year. 

The work coincides with the opening of a new marketing suite by one of the original housing developers.

Hardwood press tool for sheet metal panel, developed for a customer in Dundee, Scotland.


Always up for a challenge, we have produced this press tool for a customer who manufactures very small numbers of sheet metal components! All the pressure points are machined from hard maple with a supporting base of 60mm MDF.

Not all our models are delicate, this one will need to withstand 8 tons of pressure!

Scale model of railway train in tunnel mouth /railway cutting. Model for safety training in Leicestershire, showing vandalism, smashed windscreen, youth on the tracks, damaged fencing etc.


It has been a privilege to work with our client  who is putting together a centre for safety-training young children in the East Midlands. This model shows the dangers of playing on and around railway tracks - both for the children and the train driver. Simple, graphic and hard-hitting without being gruesome. The model was presented in the centre with accompanying videos of the three ficticious characters in the scene.

Road safety model for training of children, block model with graphic colours for interactive use in Leicester, Leicestershire.


Our second model for the sfaety centre was deliberately chunky & lacking in detail in order to focus the attention on particular hazards in a typical Leicester street scene. Muted colours were used for the bulk of the model whilst bold primary colours highlighted the danger areas. The people are removable for maintenance reasons. Functional and effective.


Castle Stuart


Castle Stuart was the venue for this year's Scottish Open Golf Championship, and the subject of two models delivered in June.  The landscape models with larger study models of individual properties were used for marketing purposes. 

subsea anchor, engineering scale model   Completed and delivered in May this year, a 600mm diameter gravity anchor for an engineering company in the Highlands. The anchor formed the centrepiece of our customer's stand at the Aberdeen all energy exhibition. 
Treshnish Isles   In March 2011 The Hebridean Trust commissioned us to produce a model of the Treshnish Isles, a small archipelago to the West of Mull. Ordnance survey data was used as the basis for machining the contours whilst aerial photos enabled us to colour and detail the surface. 
  A 100-unit development with canal-side facilities is the subject of this model. Our flexible working approach and close liason wih the customer's architect have enabled us to incorporate design develoments as they emerge.  The model will form a central feature in the housebuilder's marketing suite.
Housing marketing suite model, housebuilder sales model, scale housing model.   Completed in September 2010, this 1:50 scale model is the centrepiece of a marketing campaign by one of Britain's leading housebuilders. A highly detailed model with comprehensive landscaping; figures and vehicles were added for animation. The model was delivered less than 4 weeks after commissioning.
Fort Augustus historical model, renovated for Raven Highlands property developer. The site of the Fort (which previously stood at the end of Loch Ness) is now occupied by St Benedicts Abbey and the associated development of exclusive appartments.


Fort Augustus Abbey and its surroundings have in recent years been the subject of an ambitious conversion to residential properties. Anxious to preserve the heritage  and history of the site the property developer approached us earlier this year with a historic model requiring renovation. The model depicts the original fort which previously occupied the site, the maker and age of the model are unknown but we believe it to be over 80 years old. Poor storage had taken its toll and several components had gone missing over the years.  Our work was limited to replacement of the missing parts and a general clean-up rather than a complete restoration. The skill of the original modelmaker is evident in the fact that almost all the model is hand-cut from pine with little evidence of machining. The model seems to pre-date the arrival of plywood as even the wafer thin railings are cut from solid timber. Where possible we were careful to match original paints and materials, though technology has allowed us to take some short-cuts! Some previous repair work to the roofs was of poor quality and had to be re-done. The finished model was mounted on a stained timber base and supplied with a display case ready for exhibition in the impressive cloister area of the Abbey.

subsea bundle model for the oil industry - one of many offshore / marine / engineering models crated over the years for customers in Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow and further afield.   Another subsea bundle model completed in February 2010, this time a half scale one. The sectional model is mounted in a sealed cylindrical Perspex case and mounted on a granite effect base. It is displayed in our customer's reception area.
Austin Seven Gordon England pedal car, manufactured to order. One off models of all kinds produced to order, any scale, any size or specification.


Pure indulgence on our part - an Austin Seven pedal car produced purely for our own amusement!

0.45 full size the car has a traditional steel "A frame" chassis with a bodyshell produced from plywood over ash framework. Great efforts were made to overcome the normal peculiarities of pedal-car steering and suspension geometry. The resulting rolling chassis handles well and is strong enough that Peter Naulls was able to test-drive it himself before fitting the bodyshell! 

Housing development model / marketing suite model 1:600 scale commissioned by developer in the Edinburgh area.   One of our regular customers in the Edinburgh area has recently had their modular-construction model updated to reflect changes in their marketing strategy. The model was originally constructed with a series of duplicate removable "plugs" for each development phase, in order that updates could be carried out without removing the model from display. The model is at 1:600 scale with each plot numbered.

This 3.5m long Tornado dominated our workshop for several weeks. Commissioned by our neighbours at Black Isle Bronze as a pattern for casting. Once it's purpose was served the pattern came back to our workshops and was assembled for permanent display in the foundry. Chris Poole is trial fitting the wings prior to final painting.

 Inverness Campus    Completed in 2009 this schematic model of the proposed Inverness campus is at 1: 1250 scale. The base board is fully contoured and veneered in quarter-sawn maple wood; the site area is represented by a palette of subtle coloured wood stains and stylised trees. 
 Bronze Canopy    A photo etched phosphor bronze canopy focuses attention on phase 1 of the scheme. We delivered the completed model to a local venue in time for a high profile public consultation. It then went on an extended tour of several local venues as an exhibition centrepiece. 
 Machrihanish Village    This is a model of Machrihanish Village under construction in our workshops. This is the sea being sprayed – the attractive coastline is an important selling feature for the residential development. 
 Completed Model    The completed Machrihanish model ready for delivery