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Architectural Models


Architectural model making presents particular challenges: the demands of planning applications and competition entry are very familiar to us at Inver Models - tight timescales and emerging designs are parameters we are happy to work within. Fully aware that your investment is often speculative, we can advise on the most cost effective way of representing a development, from budget block-massing studies to fully detailed and illuminated models.

A representative of URS in Northern Ireland said: "Although we have developed digital models of the scheme, we recognise that traditional scale models still represent a useful tool for communicating with stakeholders and the general public. Ahead of a public exhibition on the scheme, Inver Models were commissioned to produce a 1:750 scale model .....We were extremely pleased with the quality and attention to detail in the completed model and it formed an excellent centrepiece at the exhibition. The value that the model has brough to our stakeholder consultation process is undeniable"

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City centre scale model architectural model for town planning submission and public consultation in Belfast

A complex multi-level development of road and rail links for Belfast city centre is the subject of this display model. In order to accentuate traffic flow and public transport links the context is modelled in muted colours whilst the scheme is more bold.

Model maker Scotland producing this scale model for Northern Ireland, town planning model for public display and consultation.

The model was provided with detachable display legs and a Perspex case. Our client took the model on tour, using it as a focal point for discussion and consultation with the public.

Architectural model / industrial model / factory model with internal detail.

Our client for this project advised us that Inver Models had come highly recommended and that they wouldn't consider going anywhere else! The milk processing plant features state of the art production and control equipment which they are making accessible utilising small-group factory tours.

We were delighted to be able to complete the model and deliver to the public display area several days ahead of the other contractors.

Dairy scale model for exhibition complete with stand and Perspex case. Aylesbury. Cutaway roofs added to the visual impact of an already large imposing model. External elevations, signage etc. were faithfully reproduced. Internal spaces included equipment, production lines, storage areas etc.
school model at 1:150 scale with interior detail Using finest timber veneers and white /silver paint finishes we produced this interior study model for an architectural customer. Roof sections are removable for appreciation of internal spaces.
Archiectural model making project Inverness university campus. Timber landscape study model. Inverness Campus was a rare opportunity for us to work on a prestigious local project. A timber contoured base with pastel green staining to the site area and greyed out offsites. Contrasting timber buildings and etched bronze canopies made for a stunning model
Architectural model, interior model showing architectural /structural changes within residential property. Sectioned, cutaway. Architectural model of residential property in  London. One elevation and part of the roof is removable giving access to show interior spaces and structural changes. 
Finwell street London commercial development model  in maple wood and Perspex. Architects model timber with internal lighting. Planning model Finwell street London is the location for this commercial development modelled in maple wood and Perspex. Internal lighting gives a sense of space and vibrancy whilst the carefully selected timber veneers convey quality and attention to detail. Scale 1:200.
This competition submission for a new school in Yorkshire lends itself well to the monochrome style of modelmaking. Modelmaker York, model maker, white model, lit model, scale model.  This competition submission for a new school in Yorkshire lends itself well to the monochrome style of modelmaking. Underfloor lighting in each of the hollow pavilions spills out onto the walkways and covered public areas. 1:300 scale.
Enterprise Park, Forres. Site model for marketing of architect designed commercial units. The Enterprise Park, Forres. this part developed site was being actively marketed for further development by HIE . The landscape model features the signature grass-roofed building and 9 others at a scale of 1:750
Model with Perspex case and attractive legs. Model showing typical arrangement of perspex display case and attractive legs. This particular model was sized to fit in the back of an estate car for ease of transport.
Another view of the Yorkshire school model. White models enable us to work within tight timescales particularly where drawings are fluid. 1:300 scale. Another view of the Yorkshire school model. White models enable us to work within tight timescales particularly where drawings are fluid. 1:300 scale.
Proposed PPP schools development for competition submission. One of a set of 4 models. Scottish model, school scale model in Perthshire for Edinburgh customer A fully detailed school model produced against the clock for a competition submission. We accommodated many of the design refinements from our Edinburgh client right up until the completion date. 1:200 scale.
Michael Hopkins Architects commissioned this timber and Perspex model of Manchester Athenaeum and Art Gallery.

Michael Hopkins Architects commissioned this timber and Perspex model of Manchester Athenaeum and Art Gallery. The steamed beech veneer contrasts well with the transparency and clean lines of the new Hopkins development.

Former Sheriff Court Building, Glasgow for Parr Partnership. Monochrome all white model with internal detail. Mixed residential and commercial model for public exhibition. This monochrome architectural model of the Sheriff’s Court, Glasgow, shows off its classical design to dramatic effect. The real surprise comes however when the model is split at three different levels to reveal Parr Partnership’s dynamic use of internal space. 1:150 scale.
1:500 scale Ocean Terminal development Leith, for CD Partnership. This waterfront retail development is adjacent the Royal Yacht Britannia mooring

Leith docks, Edinburgh are the location for this fully detailed architectural model. The bold colours and forms of the commercial development are set off by the adjacent reflective water surface.

Leisure club model at 1:200 scale

1:200 scale leisure develoment in full colour and detail. The model was constructed hollow with a view to later detailing the interior.

NHS medical facilities in Inverness, modelled in steamed beech with colour feature panels. 1:200 scale. NHS trust project adjacent Inverness Raigmore Hospital. Timber architects model. New NHS medical facilities in Inverness modelled in steamed beech. Feature panels on the building are picked out in vibrant colours and the central core is illuminated from within. Polished metal vehicles contrast with the fine texture of the timber. Produced for an Edinburgh based architect.
Wren church in monochrome at 1:100 scale. Study model, white with classical architectural detail.
This Wren designed church is in fact an off-site building for a much larger model. It demonstrates the form and detail evident with an all-white model.
Monochrome block model of Dundee city centre at 1:200 scale. Dundee Scotland, planning model for architect. A monochrome architectural model of Dundee city centre. Simple block buildings permit a short completion time and help to focus attention on the more detailed site building.
1:200 scale, fully detailed with semi-detailed context, for Isle of Bute Housing Association A combined commercial /residential development on the Isle of Bute is the subject of this public presentation model. Whilst the proposed work is detailed and in soft colours, the surrounding off-site buildings are simplified and greyed-out.

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